Daily Rosary Prayer

1- 31 Oktober, 2021

October is a special month in which we remember the power of prayer to God the Father through the intercession of the Virgin Mary and we unite with all Catholics around the world to offer the series of Rosary Prayers. How beautiful!

This Rosary prayer can be done individually as well as together. The UKIBC Management invites you and your brothers and sisters to join in the Virtual Daily Joint Rosary Prayer which will be led by our members from UKIBC via Zoom every day starting from today ( October 1) at 7 p.m

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Misa 3 Oktober

3 Oktober, 2021

The October 3rd Mass was our first post-covid in-person Mass. We also introduced our new Ministry Team for the year of 2021-2023.


UBER 2021

12 September, 2021

UBER is one of Mudika's annual events where we welcome new students and get to know each other. This year we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with our friends and families in-person. 


Misa Hari Raya Paskah

17 April, 2022